Other Goodies

Herbal Sleep Pillow – $10

Filled with relaxing herbs to help you fall asleep. Scrunch the pillow to release the scent of calm.Tuck into your pillowcase at night.

Smudge Stick – $5, Abalone Shell – $14

A smudge stick is like incense. Light the tip until it begins to smolder then, holding it over the shell, walk around the room, wafting the aroma. Our mullein smudge sticks are good to help with respiratory issues.

Traditionally, an abalone shell is used to catch the ashes.

Make Your Own Tincture Kit – $25

You supply the solvent. We give you everything else, including the herbs. For future tincturing using your kit, see our web site for available herbs and additional / replacement supplies.

Herb Salts / Seasonings – $6

Herbal blends for cooking.

Culinary Herbs – $3

Grown at Dandelion Forest, bagged whole to retain maximum flavor. Just crumble as you use them.

Medicinal Herb Seeds – $2

Grow your own herbs!

Gift Baskets – $20-$50

An assortment of our products for gift-giving.

Tea in a cup – $15

Our bagged teas (12) in an attic-treasure cup with saucer. Perfect for gift giving.

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