Health & Beauty

First Aid Kit – $45

Contains the items listed below (except for the aloe plant), which can also be bought individually.

Winter Lips Balm – $3

Good for cold sores and chapped lips.

Up the Anti Ointment – $7.50

Antimicrobial ointment for open wounds.

Skin Heal – $10

Wound and skin spot salve.

Sprain & Strain Salve – $10

For those pulled or torn ligaments/tendons/muscles.

Drawing Salve – $7.50

For drawing out infections, helping to pull blisters to the surface, and acne*.

*Our current inventory is an old-fashioned black drawing salve, containing charcoal. It washes off, but is not recommended for delicate areas you can’t scrub if you mind the black (like facial acne). Future formulas will not contain charcoal this to allow it to be a little more versatile.

Insta-scab – $5

Yarrow powder sprinkled on wounds will help stop bleeding and has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties.

Earache Oil – $7.50

Warmed-to-room-temperature oil is placed in the ear and has antimicrobial and pain-relieving properties.

Aloe Plant – $5

A living burn treatment! Just cut off a leaf and apply the gel to your burn.

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