Our Teas

Our teas are our specialty. Special tea! We make them with herbs that are tonic-type herbs, which means you can drink them every day, generally without adverse effects. However, every body is different and reacts to food and herbs in its own way. So pay attention to how the teas make you feel. Because they are created to have medicinal value, based on the traditional knowledge of the herbs and their uses. (This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.)

Please note that at this point we are only selling teas locally in Massachusetts, out of our residential kitchen.

DIRECTIONS: for all our teas, add 1 teaspoon per 1 cup of hot water and brew, covered (keeps the medicine in the cup instead of floating away in the steam), for 10-15 minutes, depending on how strong you want your tea.

Loose Tea – $8.50/tin, $7/refill

Our tins are 4 ounce by volume. They hold 12-16 cups of tea, depending on how generous you are with the teaspoon you add (flat, heaping?). All are different net weights because of the differing density/weights of the herbs.

Goodnight Tea

Blended with herbs to help you relax. If you drink this right before bedtime, it can help you fall asleep.

INGREDIENTS: chamomile, lemon balm, oat straw/tops, spearmint, rose, holy basil

Coffee, Not!

A healthy coffee substitute made with herbs to help with digestion and support your liver.

INGREDIENTS: roasted dandelion root, roasted chicory, roasted burdock root, roasted carob, yellow dock, wild sarsaparilla or sarsaparilla*, reiki mushroom, cinnamon

*depending on availability

NOTE: dandelion can cause reflux in certain individuals, so if you are prone to it, start off slowly, or we can make you up an alternative blend heavier on the chicory and lighter on the dandelion.

Tummy Tamer Tea

A blend of herbs to help with indigestion and/or reflux. 

INGREDIENTS: chamomile, calendula, fennel seed, ginger

For Baby & Me

A pregnancy tonic made with herbs full of vitamins. Good for you even if you aren’t with child!

INGREDIENTS: red raspberry leaf, spearmint, lemon grass, nettle, oat straw, strawberry leaf

Cha Cha Chai

A mild chai with added chaga mushroom and  turmeric. Red raspberry leaves are used in place of black tea. Caffeine free, anti-oxidant, immunity-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and full of vitamins.

INGREDIENTS: red raspberry leaves, cinnamon, cardamom seeds, ginger, fennel, cloves, black pepper, turmeric, nutmeg, dried orange peel, chaga

NOTE: adding milk/nut milk will boost the effectiveness of the turmeric (its the fat). Try coconut milk!

Custom Tea Blends

I can make up a custom supportive blend for you to deal with your specific health issues. This requires a $50 consult, which includes your first container of tea.



Health & Beauty

First Aid Kit – $45

Contains the items listed below (except for the aloe plant), which can also be bought individually.

Winter Lips Balm – $3

Good for cold sores and chapped lips.

Up the Anti Ointment – $7.50

Antimicrobial ointment for open wounds.

Skin Heal – $10

Wound and skin spot salve.

Sprain & Strain Salve – $10

For those pulled or torn ligaments/tendons/muscles.

Drawing Salve – $7.50

For drawing out infections, helping to pull blisters to the surface, and acne*.

*Our current inventory is an old-fashioned black drawing salve, containing charcoal. It washes off, but is not recommended for delicate areas you can’t scrub if you mind the black (like facial acne). Future formulas will not contain charcoal this to allow it to be a little more versatile.

Insta-scab – $5

Yarrow powder sprinkled on wounds will help stop bleeding and has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties.

Earache Oil – $7.50

Warmed-to-room-temperature oil is placed in the ear and has antimicrobial and pain-relieving properties.

Aloe Plant – $5

A living burn treatment! Just cut off a leaf and apply the gel to your burn.

Other Goodies

Herbal Sleep Pillow – $10

Filled with relaxing herbs to help you fall asleep. Scrunch the pillow to release the scent of calm.Tuck into your pillowcase at night.

Smudge Stick – $5, Abalone Shell – $14

A smudge stick is like incense. Light the tip until it begins to smolder then, holding it over the shell, walk around the room, wafting the aroma. Our mullein smudge sticks are good to help with respiratory issues.

Traditionally, an abalone shell is used to catch the ashes.

Make Your Own Tincture Kit – $25

You supply the solvent. We give you everything else, including the herbs. For future tincturing using your kit, see our web site for available herbs and additional / replacement supplies.

Herb Salts / Seasonings – $6

Herbal blends for cooking.

Culinary Herbs – $3

Grown at Dandelion Forest, bagged whole to retain maximum flavor. Just crumble as you use them.

Medicinal Herb Seeds – $2

Grow your own herbs!

Gift Baskets – $20-$50

An assortment of our products for gift-giving.

Tea in a cup – $15

Our bagged teas (12) in an attic-treasure cup with saucer. Perfect for gift giving.